Resistance calculation — from 101 to perfection — of Dragon Quest of the Stars

Resistance is crucial; it REALLY matters, in Dragon Quest of the Stars(DQS), in particular in battles with super-strong bosses. Here's how to work out resistance.

An omakuni game! How to live with it.

What can you do if a Steam game is in "omakuni" state? All is written here.

Omakuni, a peculiarity of the Japanese PC game market, explained à la Wikipedia

In the online sale of computer games, the Japanese word omakuni (おま国) means the custom such that game titles that are originally developed in Japan for home consoles are later released for PC in download distribution, and that this PC v…

Why not "Dragon Quest of the Planets", but "of the Stars"?

Dragon Quest of the Stars is certainly a misnomer. The natural name would be Dragon Quest "of the Planets" — the game is set in some planets. Why was this name chosen?